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Here's what been going down this past month..this house will be sold in march cause my mom can no longer afford the mortgage payments. We owe about $10,000 in mortgage payments cause my dad didnt pay the last 2 and a half months of it, and we are about $180,000 in debt cause he stopped paying the bills for everything. Right now we are pretty screwed when it comes to money. There's a court date scheduled for March 11th to figure out whats gonna be done with the house and whatnot. Obviously i'll have to move, but i do not know exactly where to. I have a lot of options but im not truly satisfied with any of them. One is to move into my granparents house with my mom but i hate it there so i would go insane, i could go to boarding school up north(this is all according to my aunt and grandpa) and i would live there, up in ojai, by myself. The next option is to move up to monterey where my aunt and uncle live. Last option is I move into my dads best friends house, they live in Oak Park which is only like 20 minutes from this house. That probably seems like the best option, but im still feeling a bit funny about it. I know at this point i would move somewhere away from my mom because its becoming harder and harder to live with her. If i decide to leave this place i know it would be really hard saying goodbye to my friends and who knows if i'll ever see them again anytime soon, but i will decide what is best for me in the long run. Other than that, im doing ok. Im concentrating in school and just doing the best i can as far as grades. Thats all for now.
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