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Well...my dad went to court today. He doesn't have to go to jail. What he has to do is pay a $1,800 fine, pay $175 to go to 15 A.A. meetings, attend 52 sessions with a psychiatrist. His licence is resticted for 3 months, meaning that he can only drive to and from work (Who's going to monitor that is what i want to know). After that he has to pay a fine of like $200 to get his licence unresticted, and then once again pay another fine for all the damage he caused during the time of his DUI, which will be about $2,000. So..yeah, there is a lot of money that has to be spent. I don't know how i feel about some of the penalties, part of me thinks that they aren't strict enough, and the other part doesn't know what to think. Just thought i'd update for those who were curious.
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